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MyFileit PE (Personal and Expenses) helps any one to collect and retain personal receipts, company's reimbursement expense receipts as well as other information. No more faded, forgotten or loosing receipts. MyFileit PE makes it so much easier and convenient in the collection of these documents.


About MyFileit PE



MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox version is designed for large and small commercial and saving banks and credit unions to provide online safe deposit box via a mobile phone/tablet App. This version is only available through participating commercial and saving banks and credit unions. This new unique approach to protecting customer’s documents is much better and more secure than the traditional safe deposit box approach. There are many advantages, but one of the biggest is that the consumer has access 24/7/365 to their documents any place that your mobile phone works. Customers like the flexibility and convenience that MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox provides.

MyFileit offers commercial and saving banks and credit union a simple turnkey approach to offering MyFileit PE VSafeDepositBox by being a third party partner. We would  provide you all Phone/tablet App  software, support and secure cloud hosting environment. This hosting environment is very secure 3 tier using Microsoft Azure Cloud. The phone/tablet software app would be available in Apple and Google App stores.  It’s very easy to implement.  We would provide all the support for the mobile App’s. You woould only need limited resource from your staff. In most cases this would in the area of marketing and reviewing our security measures. 


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MyFileit PE is looking Sales Partners to sell MyFileit PE Promotional & Marketing and Giveaway Programs. It's a easy sale! You have good earning potential.

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You Can Win Prizes

MyFileit PE will be drawing user names each month to receive prizes. The MyFileit PE user will be automatically entered into the drawing each time they save a document for that month. The prizes range from gift cards, product & service coupons and discount coupons. The user will be notified by email address that they created their account profile. The user will have 48 hours after email has been sent to claim their prize. If the prize has not been claim, it will be put back into to the drawing for next month. MyFileit PE prize drawing is void in those areas that it's not legal.

What We Do

We provide mobile Apps that protect your paper documents and make your life easier.

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